Being Productive.
Manage Your Shoping Day to Day

Useful Tools For Shopping

Sale Bazar is the easiest way to find offers, sales, and shop category in your local shopkeepers showrooms.

Regular Sale Notification

You can daily check in your local showroom what they are offering at your home and offers date.

Timeline & Time-Saving

Sale Bazar is saving your time to checking offers in your markets and also brokers to help to advetinsing there offers in local areas and they can growth there sale 20-25%


Sale Bazar is not responsible for buying and selling offers we just showing offers and product details of shopkeeper what he/she offering at his shop

Helping People To Get a Better shopping experience in ther local market

our aim is just for who people wast there time to checking sale and product quality in there local market. So sale bazar is the best thing where you can easly see and compaire offers and products withought westing time to checking shop to shop.

  • Time Management

  • help to improve 20-25% extra sell in sale bazar and get free advertise.

  • Community Helps & Support

  • Call & Message

  • Get More Walkin Constomers Through this app

  • Get regular Update for sale